Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Oh Heavenly Day...All the clouds rolled away...

...Got no trouble today. :) What a good song! I don't know who sings it, but I know it was the theme song of my weekend. My sister got MARRIED on Saturday! Wow. That's weird. Amanda has a husband. Everything about Saturday was absolutely perfect! ...her dress, our dresses, the church, the fresh lavender, the reception, the music, the company, the adorable photographer... It was a Heavenly Day! I'm so thankful that the Lord has blessed Amanda with someone who compliments her so well. I know that Chris loves her so much, and I trust him completely to take care of and love her. So I cried all day Saturday, but they were definitely tears of joy and tears that reflected the change in my life. I'm used to Chris being a part of our family. I'm not used to having a brother. Or a different last name than Amanda. That is so odd. I jokingly said my parents were actually smart when they gave us all the same middle name. Even though she changed one, she didn't change them both! So, until I get married, we still share one name. That is comforting. :)
I feel like/know that my life has all but revolved around this wedding since the day I got back from Atlanta. No joke. My mom, aunt, and I were talking on Sunday about how we sort of had this "after Christmas" feeling that day. We were exhausted, of course, but also depressed. What do we do now?? There's nothing fun to look forward to! Only things to catch up on, and the mundane routine of everyday life to fall back into. Today was Autumn's 15th birthday though, so that was exciting. She got great gifts! She's a smart girl, and knows what to ask for. I remember being 15 and still wanting finger nail polish and silly movies for my birthday. Autumn asked for a promise ring. haha. I love how different all 4 of us are, but we still share the occasional similarity. It keeps life interesting, that's for sure!
Next week is AST's recruitment, so there's at least one more exciting thing to look forward to and do before I go back to work at J. Alexander's.
Thoughts about post-grad: flight attendant? cruiseline employee? grad school? this is all post-living in Atlanta for at least a season ideas. :) more to come...


  1. Sounds like your sister's wedding was awesome! Now you can look forward to us coming to visit for Thanksgiving!

  2. YAY! Yay! YAY! Your mom mentioned that you might be coming in. I'm SO excited!!

  3. It sounds like Saturday was a wonderful day. So glad. For you. For your family. For Amanda and Chris. I agree that you are all 4 different but there are aspects in which you are VERY much the same. Sidenote: Can't believe Autumn is 15. Wow.

    I love all of those post-grad/post-Atlanta thoughts.

  4. How about something permanent in Atlanta? How about volunteer nanny/full-time friend for a desperate girl you may or may not know? How about that? Huh? Huh?

  5. RACHEL!!!! I didn't know you had a blog!!!

  6. ok, i should have warned you, but i am sort of a blog stalker. (at least cara and i both are, so i am not alone). but, i would totally be ok with you being a flight attendant!! deep down, i really want to be one too!