Thursday, October 1, 2015

31 Days of Lyrics That Give Me the Feels

I've tried this before...this 31 days of writing thing. I usually make it to day 11 or even 15 before just stopping. I think I made it all the way through one year, but my posts got super lame near the end. Please accept my apology for lameness. For some reason, I'm trying again. 2015 style.

This year, I'm writing about song lyrics that give me feels. Some songs make me cry. Some songs make me smile. Some make me want to take off and go to Heaven already. Some lyrics don't make any sense, and I don't think I'll just be writing about Christian songs, but we'll see how it goes. I'm not giving myself too many rules this time.

31 Days of Lyrics That Give Me the Feels:

Day 1: "Be Thou My Vision"

Day 2: "Fight Song"

Day 3: "Forever"

Day 4: "Because He Lives"

Day 5: "Come Alive (Dry Bones)"

Day 6: "The Stand"

Day 7: "It is Well"

Day 8: "Bones"

Day 9: "Give Me Faith"

Day 10: "Be Born In Me"

Day 11: "I Am Not Alone"

Day 12: "Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)"

Day 13: "It is Finished"

Day 14: "C.S. Lewis Song"

Day 15: "At the Cross"

Day 16: "Oceans"

Day 17: "You Make Me Brave"

Day 18: "I Will Carry You"

Day 19: "While I'm Waiting"

Day 20: "Lord, I need You"

Day 21: "Even If (The Healing Doesn't Come)"

Day 22: "Above All"

Day 23: "Jesus, Son of God"

Day 24: "Cornerstone"

Day 25: "Hard to Get"

Day 26: "Good to Me"

Day 27: "Flawless" (Not Beyonce)

Day 28: "Beautiful"

Day 29: "Just Be Held"

Day 30: "My Everything" and "Always Enough"

Day 31: "The Power of the Cross"

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