Thursday, December 1, 2011

Gratefulness Project--First Installment


I bet all of you (all 2 of you...) thought I had forgotten about my new project. Well, let me assure you, I have not! I actually love it. And I've had the chance to talk to a few people about it too. If you know me on a personal level at all, you know I love to talk. ;) So anyway, I have been wary of posting my daily lists on Twitter for fear of sounding just like everyone else in this holiday season. That's selfishness talking right there because I need to draw attention to the goodness of God whenever I can, so I'll try to be better about that.

If you remember, I started this the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. I was preparing to head back to Tennessee for the 3rd time this month, and though it is not a difficult trip, 3 trips of any kind within one month can be taxing. So I wanted to direct my attention to the positive when it could be so easy to dwell on the negative. I say this to in no way "toot my own horn" because I can guarantee that I am still a selfish (which you've already seen evidence of...), ungrateful, broken human. But I want to be different. So I'm changing something.

Here's my list in its simplest form:

November 22:

reminders, leftovers, cardigans, Heather Pierce

November 23:

ability, hot water, Emmett (my car), time zones

November 24:

old friends, new friends, sweet potatoes

November 25:

Erin Morris (soon to be Mrs. Kyle Grasham), plans, cameras, Egg Nog

November 26:

sweatpants, kittens, college football, my mom

November 27:

heat, America, coffee, North Metro Baptist Church

November 28:

"pixie power" (see below), tights, the Internet, pockets

November 29:

warmth, Twitter, Starbucks, brakes

November 30:

Emergen-C, bread, furry boots, community, Winston (my iPhone)

And now here we are at December 1. Crazy how fast time goes. Here are a couple of pictures pertaining to my list for your viewing pleasure. :)

With Erin Morris (soon to be Mrs. Kyle Grasham) after she asked me to be her maid of honor! [edited to protect THE DRESS]

The GIANT coffee mug the Barber's brought me back from Disney World! Her cup says "Pixie Power". [referenced on Nov. 28]

It really is hard for me to believe that it is December. It's also hard to believe that I moved south and I had to scrape ice off of my car this morning... ridiculous. I'm heading to New York City to visit my sister and brother-in-law tomorrow morning! So I will keep up with my listing and report back when I get home! Until then, feel free to follow me on Twitter for more frequent updates!

Love to all who read.


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