Wednesday, August 8, 2012

what growing up SHOULD be like

I think I'm supposed to be an adult. I'm 25. I moved away from my family and friends. I've had a big girl job for a year. "Adult" makes normal sense, right? I don't feel so adult though. I feel like I'm growing into and out of strange things. So I decided to make a list. :)

Things I'm growing into:
  1. Tucking my shirt in
  2. Wearing black & brown together
  3. Flossing consistently
  4. Budgets
  5. Self-discipline
  6. Multivitamins (don't worry. they're still gummies...)
  7. Wearing cardigans almost every day
Things I'm growing out of:
  1. Eating sweets
  2. Giggling
  3. Passive Aggressiveness
  4. Wearing makeup every day
  5. Over-accessorizing (thank you, Jesus, for this one)
Don't get me wrong. I don't think these things are bad. I just wish they were a little more exciting. I've been thinking a lot lately about things I wish I was growing out of. So I made a list of those things too.

Things I would grow out of if the world were perfect:
  1. Getting mosquito bites
  2. Shaving
  3. Badly fitting jeans
  4. Blisters
  5. Spam Emails
  6. Bad music
  7. Indecisiveness
  8. Acne
  9. Allergies (particularly sneezes)
  10. Bitter people
  11. Fear
  12. Inhibitions
  13. Dying phone batteries
  14. Fake people
  15. Budgets (...i just really hate them.)
  16. Losing my tan
I'm sure I could think of more things I'd like to grow out of, but I'll leave it there for now. I feel like it's a good sampling. And the world is not perfect, so I'm still forced to deal with these things. If you look at the big picture, they're not so bad. I'm blessed. And sometimes spam emails make me laugh.


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