Wednesday, February 18, 2009

i miss the sound of your voice...the loudest thing in my head

So there's this boy. And I wish so much that God's plan included us living in the same city right now. I know that God's timing and plans are perfect, but this is really hard. Due to a combination of the aforementioned crazy-busy week that I am drowning in, and his crazy film school life...we haven't gotten to really talk much lately. I mean there's the small talk, the text messages, and the mundane details of our lives, but I want some quality conversation. What I want more than that though is to be able to just sit close to him and not say anything. You girls who get tons of time (or any face time) with your boyfriends don't realize just how lucky you are. The boy says I should move to wherever he is when I graduate in December, get a job, and support him. He's funny like that. :) I miss him all the time. I'm a bit sappy. My apologies.

In other news, I'm sleepy and every part of my body (including my hair) hurts. And it's off to work again tomorrow. I like my new job. It's really very fun, and the people there are interesting. haha. I'm nervous, of course, because I'm new. But I think I'll be okay.

For now I must leave you and write 5 pages about Martin Luther's contribution to the contemplative life. Glorious, isn't it?


  1. Once upon a time I also had a boyfriend that suggested that I move to wherever he was when I graduated (also in December, as I'm sure you remember), get a job and support him. And you see where that got me...

    OR you could move to Lynchburg and get your masters at Liberty. I think that is a MUCH better idea. And then we can watch RENT together when we are sad and workout together and drink adult beverages behind my husband's back and...this list could go on and on and on and on....

  2. oh alicia! i didn't realize you had this blog. it's pretty, and i'm excited to continue reading your thoughts as i hear them simultaneously :) hooray!