Monday, February 23, 2009

No vacancy. My brain is full.

I have 5 billion thoughts floating in my head right now. No lie. The past couple of days have been hard for multiple reasons that I'll spare you from. Today was better though.
  • I went to my first class, and it only lasted for about 15 minutes. I love when that happens.
  • I spent my surprise free time in the library. There I sent an email that was a little bit freeing. Don't worry. I sent it to a person that can handle it. I think. I hope.
  • At 10, I had a wonderful conversation about life and boys and girl stuff and grad school and moms and all sorts of other things with my friend Heather. She's great, and we share a lot of common viewpoints. I think ours is a friendship that will last after Belmont. I wish we had hung out sooner, but God's timing is perfect. I've needed a good friend here for some time since my best friends live in different cities. So I'm very thankful for Heather.
  • I went to my 11 o'clock class and I participated. What makes it better is that what I said made sense!
  • Then I went to lunch with great people.
  • I hadn't gotten my training schedule yet for this week, so I wasn't sure if I had to work tonight or not. Good news though. My next training day is Wednesday, so I have time to get my shirt clean (whoo-hoo!) and study for my day 4 test!
  • I took clothes to the dry cleaners for the very first time today. I was a little unsure of how it all worked, but I'll probably be frequenting the cleaners pretty often. I'm already going back tomorrow to get my shirts. :)
  • I've spent the rest of this evening looking at grad schools and an apartment I won't need for about another year. It's a little overwhelming to think about moving away from home. So I'm glad I have a little time.
  • I also had some great, hilarious conversation with my little sister, Autumn, tonight. She's ridiculously funny. For example, she sent me a piece of flair on facebook tonight that said "JK, JK, L, M, N, O, P". That's the kind of humor she has. She's very clever.

Today has been a good day. I hope it ends well.

My boyfriend is a little bit sassy. Don't get confused. He's not the least bit feminine, but he has an attitude of his own. It keeps life interesting. It's almost been a full 6 months since he moved to Michigan. (Did I mention we have a long distance relationship??) He'll be finished with school in 6 months too. I miss him all the time. We've had some hard times lately. Both of us are at fault. Long distance is so hard, but I know if we can make it through this...we can make it through anything. I'll probably be moving to wherever he is after I graduate from Belmont in December. That seems far away, but it's also closer than I ever thought it would be. And it just keeps getting closer... It will be so great for us to live in the same city again though. So I have some time to prepare, and that is a blessing!

God is so good! I'll leave you with a verse tonight.

"But the path of the righteous is like the light of dawn, which shines brighter and brighter until full day." Proverbs 4:18

I feel like my path is getting a little brighter...


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