Wednesday, April 1, 2009

first of all, i cannot take credit for these words. they came from the lovely Kim Thomas at The Village Chapel's Tuesday night women's Bible Study... but, oh boy, did they ever speak to my soul!
this was the 3rd of a 4 week series leading up to Easter...the topic? Deserts: what it means, how we get there, what's the point, etc...Here is what my notes say:


What keeps us in the desert? What are we missing? We're underfed...underthriving.
We have to get over ourselves and wade through the storms and sit in the deserts.
Some form of desert is mentioned over 300 times in Scripture...mostly referring to a Spiritual drought.
Deserts can be an incubator for growth. (David...Jesus...You and Me)
The Metaphor:
  • uncultivated wilderness--lack of productivity; barren; no fruit; no growth
  • waterless place--dry; nothing flowing; land of no resource
  • solitary place--loneliness; no distractions; rest; quiet; boring
Deserts can be good, or they can be bad.

Does God always bring you out of the desert?
yes, but maybe not in this lifetime...
How do we get there?
  1. carelessly wander (sometimes intentional due to rebellion or disobedience...needs repentance)
  2. led by the enemy (Spiritual Warfare)
  3. led by God (time of refinement)


  1. Heat--we are tempted, tested, and tried
  2. Dehydration--we are not Spiritual camels; it doesn't take much to become dehydrated; dehydration effects your mind too
  3. falls, sprains, breaks due to rough terrain--making bad decisions or choices

Be hypervigilent...there's no safe place to step, just less dangerous places.


  • Hope is renewed. Isaiah 35:1-4
  • Newness. Isaiah 43:18-19 -- God is making us holy; drawing us closer to Him.
  • Thirsty for the Lord. Psalm 42:1-4
  • Resets us. Psalm 42:5-8 -- Things you don't need are lost. Things you do need are saved.
  • Reminds us. Psalm 107:1-9

We only recognize these as blessings after we've been in the desert.

Deserts remind us of our want and need for God.

The story of the Bible begins in a garden, runs through the desert, and ends with a new heaven and a new earth -- the opposite of the desert.

One other thing Kim said that really resonated with me is that we are always asking God for something or waiting on Him. When we are in the desert, we ask for rain and water. When the floods come, we ask when the rain is going to stop... we are such whiners! I want to embrace the seasons of my life no matter what they look like. Hope you will too.


  1. At first I thought this was a post about desserts and I got really excited.....then I realized that I was an idiot.

    Thanks for this, Clicha (and Kim Thomas). I needed it.

  2. i agree. i want to enjoy each season by being PRESENT in each moment instead of longing for what was or wishing for what will be. i love you!