Sunday, April 5, 2009

God knows what I need... You know what I need.

I have recently been highly convicted about the time that I spend on facebook. So, with it being Palm Sunday--the beginning of a week where My Savior literally gave up His life for me-- I'm giving up facebook for Him. For now, it's only for the week...kind of a nice cap on lent...but we will see where we are next Sunday night. I'm hoping, and have full faith, that this will be the beginning of a less time consuming friendship between me and facebook. I have actually been called the T-Rex of facebook before. No lie. I think it was because I showed up on this person's newsfeed all the time even though we weren't friends. Don't worry. We are now. haha. Instead of facebook, I'll be carrying my pocket sized Bible in my purse, and anytime I have the urge to check someone's profile or confirm my friend requests... I'm going to read David's power ballads and Paul's cool missionary stories instead. I still have facebook mobile, so it isn't gone completely, and I can get important messages. But that also means I'll only be practicing defensive facebooking this week. If you need me, call me. It's so much more personal than blue and white websites. (ps i like texting too) I'll still be on a computer because I have a paper due on Tuesday, and my teachers like to communicate through e-mail. I'll probably blog a bit too.

In other news, I have wonderful friends. They have literally come out of the woodworks since all this break-up crap happened. I am an extremely blessed girl (almost) from coast to coast. How exciting!

In still more news... I'm facing a potentially awkward situation. My sorority formal is coming up, and I have to decide if I'm taking a date by the 13th. That's a week from tomorrow for my dense readers... when I had a boyfriend who lived out of town, I was totally not concerned about going alone. Now that thought makes me want to throw up. Now that I am, once again, not dating anyone, I don't want to go alone. But who do I ask??? Can I take a good girl friend of mine?? Is that allowed? haha. Should I ask a good guy friend? I feel like it would be awkward, but I don't know. Should I just go alone?? Arggg. Dilemmas.

Oh well. It's Passion Week. There are more important things to think about between now and next Monday.


  1. 1. I love you
    2. I'm so happy you're looking into a flight to Denver!
    3. You should soooo ask my brother! He'll even be in town that weekend. Or ask Taylor.
    4. See #1.

  2. I like Brittany's idea of a list so I will copy it.
    1. I'm confused about the whole "TRex" of facebook thing. Please explain.
    2. Defensive facebooking. Ha ha. I love it.
    3. I think it would be socially acceptible for you to take a girl friend to the formal. [I was once going to go to a Phi Mu formal with my roommate but there was some Tech Panhellenic rule against it. Hopefully that doesn't exist at Belmont.]
    4. If you don't take a girl, I agree with Brittany, you should ask Parker. That would be a nice little kick off for the two of you spending your summer together.
    5. [In response to the comment you left on my blog] The CASA shoe sale is a huge shoe sale to raise money for Court Appointed Special Advocates for kids (why isn't is CASAK??). It was crazy and I was seriously overwhelmed.
    6. I love you, Brian *Edit*.

  3. i agree, defensive facebooking provides a wonderful visual image :)

    i am so glad you recognize that this week is ridiculously amazing for us as Christians :) it's nice to hear that other people are recognizing that it's a weeklong, monthlong, yearlong thing -- not just a Sunday.

    i love you! see you soon :)