Monday, April 30, 2012

Speakin my language.

Today, God used McDonald's to bless me. McDonald's. Did you get that? The fast food place with the big arches. That's the one. That's what He chose today, and I'm a touch overwhelmed by today's grace.

...wanna know what happened?

I did not sleep well and was having a rough morning, so even though I had brought pita chips and hummus from home to eat for lunch, I decided to get out of the building for 30 minutes. I didn't really decide where to go until I turned out of the driveway.

I was originally thinking Starbucks was a necessity, but opted to just get "comfort food" instead. So to McDonald's I went. Pulled in. Drive thru. Ordered. "1st window please". And the girl there asked how I was..."I'm good (lie.), how are you?" She answered, told me she liked my sunglasses and we giggled and talked about the sunshine for about 30 seconds. [Glad I didn't ruin that with a bad attitude. Should've just said "I'm okay" or "I'll be better after eating my body weight in french fries" or something. Hindsight.]

Then... as if that wasn't enough of a bright spot... I pulled forward to the next window.

There, a little man who barely spoke English greeted me with an iced tea and a "Hello! How are you today?" like he'd been expecting me specifically. My soul lifted. He disappeared. 30 seconds later, there he was again with my food. He was all smiles and not many words, but he helped. As I was about to pull away he said, "Your sunglasses...they are nice!" *big grin* And there you have it. It may not be the world's most profound encounter, but it was exactly what I needed.

God is so spot on. He knew that I--being on the verge of tears all morning--couldn't handle a deep, heartwrenching conversation. All I needed was what I got--a drive thru sized portion of grace.

By the way, my food was wonderful, and I was wearing my "backup" sunglasses...the cheapos from Target that live in my car for when I forget the fancies... Thank you, Jesus.

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  1. That's awesome! Now we need to see a picture of you in said sunglasses...they must be amazing! :)