Friday, May 4, 2012

This is where the healing begins.

Raise your hand if you're an introvert!!! Not likely, huh? Or, if you're anything like me, you're definitely not going first.

Hello. My name is Alicia. And I am an introvert. Don't get me wrong. I love people. Love. After Jesus, I love people best. That's how my degree ended up too: Religion Major. Psychology Minor. Jesus Major. People Minor. I love people, and I love serving people. But sometimes I just need time. Quiet. Peace. Rest. God made me in such a way that I need to retreat to refuel. Some people need to be with others and draw strength from being part of a crowd. I draw strength from getting by myself somewhere and breathing deep the presence of the Creator.
Isn't it amazing how God just knows? He gets it. He gets me. When it feels like everyone else is giving me funny looks and saying, " really went by yourself?" God is looking at me and smiling because He understands. And not just because Jesus retreated to pray by himself...but because God MADE me. He knows how I work, and He loves it. All of it.

So. In true God fashion, He surprised me this week. Last weekend was extra taxing, and I was spent. Monday night, I went home from work, changed clothes, and walked out the door with no destination in mind. About a mile down the road, I had my mind set on Starbucks, but half-way there, I turned into the parking lot of a local coffee shop instead. I stayed there for an hour and a half and then went on to Starbucks. All in all, I had about 3 hours of focused alone time on Monday. It was refreshing, but I was still dealing with distractions and a million thoughts flying through my head.
On Tuesday, I headed out to one of our conference centers to do some work with their staff. I was going to a place I'd never been to work with people I'd never met. I was --guess what-- anxious. But God is good, y'all. He is so good. I ended up at the most beautiful place I'd ever been in Georgia with the nicest people and some much needed alone time. I won't go into too much wordy detail, but I will let my pictures do the talking.
Just remember, when you feel discouraged or alone or worn plum out, God knows. He knows you. When no one else understands, He gets it. Because He made you.

["McDonalds sunglasses"]

Grace and Peace.

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