Thursday, October 10, 2013

Day 10: Sometimes I Forget

Sometimes I forget. I forget my goals. I forget how God can redeem anything and turn it into something beautiful. I forget how special and wonderful the people in my life are. I get distracted by the silly, minuscule details and forget the important things. I get caught up in the stuff that doesn't matter and forget what I know is true. I mess up. A lot. Thankfully, Jesus forgives me every time and doesn't dwell on my past mistakes. And thankfully, my people do too. I hope you don't take your people for granted. Relationships are what stay with you. Stuff goes away. You can lose it. But if you value your people, you won't lose them. I want to be known as someone who values people over everything else. My friend, Matt Burchett was over the orientation program at Belmont when I was there. He always said "People over programs." It was how we got through every single orientation session--by focusing on the people and not getting caught up in the program. I want to live my life like that. People over programs. People over material things. People over my doubt and fears. People matter. My people matter. They matter to me. I hope they know it.

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