Friday, October 18, 2013

Day 18: Focus

Sometimes after I've had a few days off from running, my body kind of craves it. It's so nice to have that time--whether it's 15 minutes or 2 hours--where I can focus on just running and not falling down. I can focus on my breathing. I can listen to my body. I can talk to God and listen for what He has to say to me that day. I can look at the world around me and take notice of things I may have missed if I was just driving by instead of passing them on foot. Running opens up a whole other world. Sometimes. Other times, I get distracted by my sock bunching up or my leggings getting twisted or my shoe squeaking. I let those things get in the way of my focus and I let them rob me of my time of refreshment. That's pretty dumb, huh? I think it is. Of course there are times that I need to pay attention to something else--if I have an injury or have tweaked a muscle or something, I should let it distract me enough to make me stop and pay attention. But all the miniscule things that I let get in the way--that's what's dumb.

It's amazing to me how many connections there are between running and life. Just like when running, life is great when I'm focused on the right things. On Jesus. On His Kingdom. On bringing glory to God. It's when I get distracted by money problems or comparing myself to others that I start to feel bad. If I can just focus, I'm great. I can do anything. I can run any distance. But if I let myself get distracted, I'll give up.

I want to be a finisher and not a quitter. I'm praying for God to remove distractions and help me to focus. You too?

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